The following testimonials have been made after either a group event or healing session

Thank you, Himesh, for this incredibly beautiful evening filled with such heart felt emotion, healing and connection to Source. Very powerful and I'm still processing....Looking forward to the next one. Much love and gratitude :) 

Lovely evening Himesh. Thank you for creating beautiful atmosphere. Lovely recorded music too.

Very powerful and lovely and warm in the room

Himesh holds such a safe and loving space. My whole body felt much lighter and energised after the workshop, feeling on cloud nine. I gained valuable insights and felt a deeper connection to my intuition again. I would highly recommend this to anyone feeling anxious or that they are holding tension in their body, you will feel a deep sense of peace after this workshop.

I learned so much that I feel I unlocked a door of deep knowing.

I got so much from it and am already seeing the after-effects. Good idea to also add in the crystal bowls - I feel they made the vibration even more powerful.
Much love


Unlike other personal development or therapeutic work, where there is a lot of talking involved, this event focused on creating a healing space where each individual embarked on their own journey deep within, facilitated by Himesh through his exquisite mastery of the crystal bowls, immersive guided meditation and energy transmission.

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What a powerful night! Thank you Himesh and everyone for being there and holding the sacred space! Big thanks to Himesh for the healing! Love and peace!

Profound session. Thank you.

Great evening, wonderful energy, sounds and healing vibrations.

The session was phenomenal, I felt so calm and content afterwards and even days after I still feel enriched, I know that I will never be the same or go back to my old patterns. Your teaching and energy combined of all the others including myself of course are doing wonders.

Thank you so much. Very peaceful evening.

Thank you Himesh for an incredible workshop. The crystal bowls are amazing. I could feel the music & sounds resonating into every fibre of my being. I can feel a warm and tingling sensation in my arms and hands, especially the right dominant arm. This is my second time and the same energetic sensations every time.

Thank you for the beautiful and healing energy and for sharing your thoughts and experience Himesh. I felt that energy blockages have been released and feeling a lot lighter today.

Great evening! The atmosphere was so peaceful. Perfect ending to a busy day. It was good to be in a group of people who are on the same page. 
I felt energised and relaxed at the same time! The meditation and crystals bowls session helped me to get rid of the blocked energy. Thank you

Loved your session Himesh. So deep, nurturing and loving. Can't wait for the next one. Namaste.

Wonderful! Thank you Himesh & for the magical music too.

I'm so glad I came to this meditation. I received a lot of healing and continue to have realisations. Thank you Himesh!

Was outstanding

Thank you for the amazing experience and knowledge. Great session!

Wonderful evening with beautiful meditation. Am feeling completely blissed out! Thank you.

Thank you for another beautiful evening Himesh! The love and energy you put into your meditations is incredibly powerful and much appreciated. Looking forward to future events and inspirations from your travels. With gratitude :)

Deep and Blissful :-)

Thank you Himesh and co, for such a wonderful, enriching and enlightening experience, I floated out of the room and into the city full of love and laughter. I intend to hold on to this feeling for as long as possible xxx

Wonderful, as ever

Energies are definitely coming up. I'm feeling calmer and more focused than usual. And another great news: I quit smoking :) thank you so much Himesh.

As with all Himesh's sessions this too proved spiritually rewarding, coming away full of positivity and promise.

Thank you, Himesh - this was a truly amazing and deep experience. Will definitely come again to one of your workshops!

A lovely experience with wonderful people

Very powerful healing session. Thank you very much, Himesh!